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"You don't know about black pearls? the whole been sleeping on black girls."












Not every guy who compliments you on the street or says something nice to you is trying to get with you. A dude can say hello and wave to some of you women and you’ll mace him and cry street harassment.


like you can have the best…

This is stereotyping. Completely. Because if you can take out one word (“men”) and replace it with another and it sounds wrong, then it’s wrong.

All men are not horrible.
Just like how all black people aren’t.
Or all women aren’t.
All those who practice the Muslim faith aren’t.
And countless other groups.

When you group together a bunch of individuals and say they are all the same thing as use that to make claims about the things that they do. That is stereotyping and that’s wrong. Majority or minority.

lmao except my “stereotype” is based on statistical fact and lived experiences???

you can ignore it all you want but the evidence exists

 no one is saying all men are bad, you can shut the fuck up now. 

I wonder how much time is spent on men trying to get other men to smile and say hello to them. Since they like to see people smile so much…..

Now you know…..

I want my niggas to smile too

But I usually don’t have to ask them to smile

Cause they’re not worried about harassment all the time

You can’t compare us all the time

We don’t have the same psyche approaching situations usually

It’s cause you don’t have to worry about harassment like women do…. It ain’t got shit to do with your psyche.

Bruh you don’t fear what will happen to you if you don’t smile at woman and engage in conversation with someone you don’t want to.

you may have given your phone number away to make people go awy, but you’ve probably never been followed home by a women on several occasion  that asked you to smile.

You’ve probably never been groped in broad day light by the same girl that asked you to smile and kept trying to talk to you on the bus.

You’ve never stood some where, watched a group of women eying you while making comments about how fine you are and had to brace yourself for exactly what they might do to you or say.

you’ve never had to file a police report for  peeping toms  that would follow you from your bus route.

You’ve never seen a car pass with a woman inside while you walked home in the dark and had to keep  someone on the phone for fear of what would happen if you got off of it. 

I mean really. The implications of men being asked to appease women by smiling does not in any way have the same ramifications of when men do it. 


Everyday life

And this is just slightly touching the surface of men and street harassment 


You all been white washing characters since the beginning of film making but make one black Annie and the world is ending.




An Archetype.

white tumblr

shibaeinu said: I emailed Forever 21's customer service. Not guaranteeing it will work but I've emailed several companies before stating which item was offensive and shortly why they should remove it and they have. Granted they don't reply to me but when I go back to look for it a few days later and it's been removed. Having more than one person do it would probably increase the chance.


That’s a good idea!


I would’ve had the same reaction tbh.